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UoP to host KP biggest book fair on 13th March

Peshawar(DailyMillat)  KP biggest bookfair is starting at PUTA hall,University of Peshawar on 13th March. The bookfair will last for three days i-e 13th, 14th,15th March. Over 50 booksellers and Publishers will set up their stalls carrying books on various disciplines according to interests of all ages while the visitors will get 10 to 50% discount on purchasing the books.

           The bookfair has been arrannged by Islami Jamiat Talaba in Collaboration with the Students’ Societies of Peshawar University. Dr. Jamal Nasir, Director Students’ Societies UoP, said that the efforts of Islami Jammiat Talaba for arranging bookfair in Universities are appreciable and this bookfair would be marked with a renewed spirit and zeal this year.

           Dr. Muhammad Asif, Vice Chancellor UoP, will annuagurate the 9th annual grand bookfair while Vice Chancellors of Khyber Medical College,University of Engineering & Technology, Islamia College University, Agriculture University Peshawar,Central President Islami Jamiat Talaba Pakistan Muhammad  Amir, JI KP Chief Senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, and Provincial ministers Inayatullah and Muzaffar Sayyad will participate in the book fair

Breifing on the arrangment for book fair Maaz Ullah, General Secretary Islami Jamiat Talaba UOP, said that arrangments for the bookfair has been completed and it will prove a milestone in promotion of book culture in the province.

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